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My Work

This portfolio contains just a few samples of my work. Feel free to check them out; interrogate them if you must. And keep in mind that while I have designed most of these sites, my real talent (and love) is coding.


Thumbnail of Mocospace site
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Claire & David

Thumbnail of Claire and David site
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Well Grounded

Thumbnail of Well Grounded site
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Grocery Power

Thumbnail of Grocery Power site
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Infix To Postfix Web Service

Thumbnail of Infix To Postfix code
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What's In This Site?

  • jQuery
  • gracefully falls back to PHP page handling for browsers without Javascript
  • Apache mod_rewrite rules
  • custom HTML and CSS
  • designed with Fireworks

Black Ice Dogsledding

Thumbnail of Black Ice Dogsledding site
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Brian Dettmer

Thumbnail of Brian Dettmer site
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